Traveling On

Drummond Island, Michigan, 11km’s In the past few days, as though a switch has been flicked, winter has come to these upper Great Lakes. Overnight the complexion of the sea seemed to change, its pallor darkening by several shades to an ominous inky blue and the sky...

Birthday Haikus:

The Runners Rebuke of the Waterfowl Goose!  Your disdain forme is noted. On my birth-day no less.  Fuck you. The Unwanted Epiphany It occurs to methat I am now older thanElvis was.  Oh shit.

The Persistence of Memory

Upbound, Lake Huron It is not a truth universally acknowledged that the greatest smell in the world is the pad of a Labrador’s paw, but it should be. I learned of this when I was young, on the cold winter mornings when my sister and I would tramp sleepily down the...