Turned Earth

It was that dark hour just before the dawn when I came out on deck for tie-up in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I took my position on the port quarter, ready to call spots for the captain should he need them.  My tea steamed in its travel mug.  Up...

In the Leper Colony (Notes from a Covid Ship)

i. It’s here.  Two days ago it carried away one of the crew.  Now he claws the walls of a quarantine hotel room in The Canadian Soo. ii. Daily we are vetted.Our sinuses scoured.Is it manifest within us?Who’ll be next?It’s hard not to...

The Loneliness of the Long-Haul Flier

Never one for goodbyeshe slips away before dawns first light. His getaway, a taxicabon black roads varnished with dew. A thief in the night,  his belongings in the boot and a head full of jewels and sadness.