Here Comes Them Horses

Anxiety is a bear whose breath is always hot on my heels but it was a greyhound that got me.  I was enjoying a mid-morning run when the dog lunged, tore the lead from its elderly owners hand, and bit me on the back.  Some runs are so good they feel almost...

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An Easter Tale, the God Spot and Nick Cave

“For the beautiful is nothing other than the onset Of what is terrifying. “ Rilke I was eight years old when I killed the family dog on a warm Good Friday in early April.   The night before I’d lain in bed and said prayers in my head.  The usual rushed...

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Idle Hands

Frankie was running low on smokes and he was worried about it. He’d packed enough for the five-day steam from Halifax to Norfolk but had failed to consider random US customs kerfuffle’s, one of which had put us at anchor ten...

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Everyday is a Tuesday Here in Marble Hell

“They don’t call it Marble Hell for nuthin”, the captain says as we line the ship up for a tie-up at Marblehead stone dock in Ohio. From the wheel I can see white water breaking over the pier where the load rig is situated; at the end of a long conveyer belt that runs...

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Portrait of the Sailor as an Aging Man

Home on leave,for the fourth such time this year,and the sailor says to a friend that he sees the city,his life in fact,in time-lapse. He has arrivedto the fragrant swellof a leonine Indian Summer,and it is the seasons of course, that are the most obvious darlings of...

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The Downtown Skateboarder Ascends

for Natas Kaupas I am old now, and my bones crack like burning woodwhen I sit or stand.But shit, I can recalla time when I was youngand God was a blondeCalifornian and half the age of what I am now.How me and my friendsstudied those...

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Traveling On

Drummond Island, Michigan, 11km’s In the past few days, as though a switch has been flicked, winter has come to these upper Great Lakes. Overnight the complexion of the sea seemed to change, its pallor darkening by several shades to an ominous inky blue and the sky...

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