The Wealth Distribution Blues #19
12 April 2020

(For John Prine)

Like the poor
don’t have it bad enough,
this virus seems to
be singling them out.
And they’re re-opening
Potter’s Field,
and the Blacks and Hispanics
don’t stand a chance.

If you’re from
a shit hole country
then you’re doubly screwed.
‘Cos for once
we have the same
flaming bag of dog poo
on our doorstep,
that all of you do too.

The fatties are having problems,
and not just with the stairs.
And the oldies have
had their day in the sun
and are a burden
on health care.
And if you’re
an avuncular music legend
then you had best beware.

At least the Chinese
have a hold on it.
Doctoring numbers
and jailing doctors,
and sweeping
the rest of the bodies
under the rug with the
journalists who’re trying
to blow the lid off of it.

But me? I’m worried
about the pigeons.
Without our sidewalk scraps
they’re dropping like…
well poor people.
Or are poor people
dropping like pigeons perhaps?

Either way,
the fucking flies
never had it so good.